All Nigerian Festival ...a discovery for tourist destination

Welcome to the official page of All Nigerian Festival.

All Nigerian Festival has been designed to showcase and promote the heritage and cultures of Nigeria through the participation of its states across the federation. All Nigerian Festival features food, fashion, Art, beverage dance and music


Patronise the food/beverage pavillion at All Nigerian Festival and meet food merchants/makers of local drinks/cuisine of your favourite state,ask questions on how your favourite state official food/drinks are made and with what kind of ingredient. Mrs Folu Ogunjimi is the Coordinator of the food segment of the All Nigerian Festival and presenter of Sokoyokoto TV Food program.


Beverage shall be showcased as a local  liquor in Pito, Zobo, Kunu, Palm wine, Brukutu and many more. You can test and place an order with food of your choice right there and then.


Visit the fashion runway of all Nigerian festival and see styles and fabrics used by each of the states design for male and female as a traditional wear or attires known to their culture. Also for export. Mr. Modela produces the fashion segment of the all Nigerian Festival.


Visit all Nigerian festival within the three days duration and see an acrobatic cultural display and dance of the participating states in the 2019 edition of the ANF. Mr Muyiwa Osinaike coordinates the cultural troop segment. For enquiries email


Go to the art gallery of all Nigerian festival and see craft and heritage of each of the Nigerian states, showing and telling the history of Nigeria through the arts. Mrs Mama Nike Okundaye Coordinators the Art and Craft Segment. She is a board director of the All Nigerian Festival and also the founder of Nike Art gallery.


Attend the music segment of all Nigerian festival to see nine genre of Nigerian music with indigenous rhythm from fuji to gyration, Afrobeat, Afrojazz, Afropop, Pan African, Highlife, Reggae Dancehall and RandB live on stage, to revive few of the genre of music for export. Mr kupa victory, a veteran reggae dance hall musician and an instrumentalist co-ordinates the music segment of the festival. For enquiries email